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Amaechi Celebrates On The Streets After Escaping Assasination (Photo)

Friday, March 27, 2015 / No Comments

The Governor of Rivers state was out in the streets mingling in a show of fearlessness and defiance after his allege attack by unknown gunmen.

He took his door to door Campaign to the streets of Port Harcourt same day after he was attacked at Rumuolumeni, ward 17 in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State

See How This Nigerian Is Preparing For Elections (Photo)

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Those may be custom made PVC's on the door panel.
lol !!!!

Tonto Dikeh And Halima Abubakar No Longer Friends Because Of Juju Priest

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Very controversial writer, Etcetera has made some serious revelations concerning Nollywood actresses Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar. The celebrity police or should I say Judge claims that Tonto and Halima were best friends but fell out because of a juju priest.

According to Etcetera said:

“Our Nollywood sources tell us that Halimah Abubakar and Tonto Dikeh who used to be good friends, fell out because of a juju priest — It is said that Halimah, took Tonto to sample the powers of her juju priest who got encharmed by her looks and preferred working for her instead of his usual customer, Halimah.

“Halimah could not stand the fact that she got sidelined by her own juju priest and asked Tonto to stay the hell away from her for good. A staff of Etcetera Live called Halimah at about 2pm yesterday (Friday) to confirm the story but she demanded for a text message to be sent to her instead. Further attempts to reach her proved abortive until about 11.32pm when she finally picked and said in her own voice, “this is Halimah’s PA, she will get back to you later.”

“Hmmmm, so na juju separate the 2 of dem? No wonder dem no gree tell us wetin really happen between dem. Breeze don finally blow fowl yansh ooo. Same sources told us that Tonto does not like tattoos; she uses them to mask incisions gotten from her visits to her juju priest”.

So our celebs are into Juju things??

12 Types Of People You Will Meet On Election Day

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As we all know that the election is just few Hours to hold, and there are categories of people we are going to meet on that day and i bring to you, the 12 types of people we are going to meet at the polling unit on election day.

See The 12 Types Of People You Will Meet On Election Day Below:-

1 The gentlemen/ladies
These are the types of people the will visit the polling unit just to fulfil their mission which is to vote peacefully and after that, go back to their home without any problem.

2 The elders
These people(mostly men) are always between the age 70-80+ you will always find them sitting under a tree or any shaded area within the polling centre lecturing young men about the history of politics and how the country was going from bad to good and vice versa.

3 The I Too Know (ITKs)
These are the categories of people that you will see jumping from one place to the other as if they are INEC chairman. You will never see them at rest, they can even go to the extent of teaching the INEC officials their works.

4 The ushers
You will always see these categories of people on the queue looking very quiet but when they see a person trying to manipulate the queue, they will just walk to him/her and say something like “Oga, please go and join the queue at the back, we that have being on the line are not animals” they will never leave you until you do the needful.

5 The coordinators
They are more like the ushers but something special about them is that they are not always on the queue, if they see you trying to sneak into the queue, they will just appear from nowhere and say “hey” then point to the back, due to the fear that you don’t know the kind of person they are, you will port to the back with immediate effect.

6 The confused ones
Looking at them only, you will deduce that they are confused. They will always be looking as if someone is about to kidnap them or you will always see them asking questions silly like “Brother, will they collect this PVC from us after we are through?” or “Sister, shebi Buhari the PDP presidential candidate?” They are always annoying.

7 The VIPs
These are always the big men of the hood, they will just drive down to the polling unit with their expensive ride and walk up to the INEC officials with a bottle water in their hands and do all the necessary stuffs and drive back home immediately

8 The spacebookers
I usually wonder if that’s what they do to make money on that day or they are just naturally mumus. They will be on the queue for hours and when it’s almost their turn to vote, someone will just come from nowhere and take their place then you will see them leaving.

9 The lookers/observers
Some are not even there to vote but to watch people arguing or fighting, you will always see them at alert with their phones getting ready to snap/video any funny or fist throwing event that takes place at the unit.

10 The fighters
Their own mission is to come and cause violence at the polling unit, they will mistakenly hit you or march you, instead of saying sorry, they will turn it to fight. Be careful when dealing with them

11 The traders
I usually love the courage of these people coz any opportunity they see, they will use it to promote their business. You will see them early in the morning already offloading bags of pure water, snacks, groundnut, coolers of rice and other foods some will even bring their tables to roast boli(roasted plantains) at the polling unit, they are always desperate to make money.

12 The pickpocketers
One of my teachers defined them as “Dem no be thieves ooo but if they pass, something go lost”. All they need to do is to just look at your pocket and they will explore everything inside it then you will see them passing your side 24/7 or trying to form familiarity with you, my brother be watchful or else they will steal you sef.

keep calm and vote wisely. God Bless Nigeria

Feel Free to Add Yours

Girl Caught Getting Naughty In Public (PICTURED)

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This is so weird, can’t believe our ladies can go this far, see the pics below

For Married Couples – 7 s*x Positions Men Love

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The bedroom moves that men love: try these s€x positions tonight.
Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Make his night and drive him crazy with these s€x positions that men love. Ultimately, s€x is about love and intimacy, so while the positions are part of the fun, the real payoff is the way various maneuvers allow you to connect and explore each other in different ways.

1. 1. Woman on Top

2. Missionary
This standard go-to is a favorite because it puts him in control, while still being intimate: your hips are free to do all the work, and you can lock lips and eyes with ease. And while he’s in the power position on top of you, the two of you can set the pace together. If you want him to go slower or deeper, put your hands on his hips and guide him. The best s€x is like a conversation, and missionary allows you to communicate with your bodies.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

This reverse variation of the woman on top position is the best of both worlds for your guy. It gives him the sexy view he gets during doggie style but it puts you in control. This position doesn’t allow for a ton of touching or eye contact, but it’s a nice contrast to some of the more classic, romantic positions. If you’re craving a connection flash a look back at him while you’re doing your thing—it’ll drive both of you over the edge.

4. Doggie Style

This rear entry positions puts him in control, allowing him to call the shots and to go at the speed that’s best for him. Plus, it allows for deeper penetration, making him feel like king in the bedroom. Some women love the intense full feeling, but if it feels like too much, let him know. Communication is key to enjoying s€x and experiencing the full psychological benefits of physical intimacy.

5. Standing Up
Getting it on while standing up is probably not your go-to move, but it’s perfect for that sweaty, gotta-have-you-now s€x that’ll make him feel irresistible. Whether he’s bending you over the new kitchen table or you’re steadying yourself against the wall, this spontaneous position is perfect for a quickie.

6. Spooning
s€x while spooning is the ultimate intimate position, and a go-to for when you’re feeling lazy and affectionate. Not only does it give him total access to your bod, it also frees your digits up so that you can give yourself a hand, a move that’s sure to drive him wild. Make it even hotter by twisting your body and head slightly towards him so you can smooch while his hands roam. Afterward you can slip into an easy, snuggley sleep.

7. lap dance
Pull up a chair and have him take a seat while you get on top. He’ll love the look and feel of you straddling him, and having you in control will help him last longer, too. A bonus? Unlike the standard woman-on-top position, this ones allows for you to stay super close, kiss, and make eye contact. Plus, he still gets to be aggressive with his hands, tugging on your hair, rubbing your back, and pulling you closer.

So, there you have it, give it all to your husband and enjoy a sexful marriage. And hey, to you the unmarried reading this, s€x is worth waiting for!


For Married Couples – 7 (Very Fun!) Ways To Have Exciting s*x WIth Your Spouse

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It’s time to have more fun in the bedroom with these new ideas that are exciting for everyone.

(Photo: Getty Images)

One of the most unfair facts of life is that the length of your relationship and the intensity of your s*x drive often have an inverse correlation. The longer you’re with your guy, the more you warm to the thought of spending your lives together until you both die, hand-in-hand, The Notebook-style. Your comfort level skyrockets, and your feelings for him will probably reach depths you couldn’t even have imagined. But as that happens, your urge to have s*x often weakens as time goes on, sometimes going into complete hibernation for long periods much like a bear does in winter. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to break out of the dreaded s*x rut.

1. Role play. Surprise him with a different wig every night of the week. Try out different accents. Meet up at a bar, pretend you don’t know each other, and try to get the other person to go home with you. Using your imagination in this way will force you to think outside the box. Plus, you’ll feel a little like you’re having s*x with someone totally different.

2. Change up the location. For a month, make the bed off-limits. You can do it on the kitchen floor, in the shower (just be careful!), or in your car at 3 A.M. Switching up the location of the action will help add a sense of newness to your s*x life and you’ll have to get innovative—you can’t do regular old missionary, no matter how much you love it, when you’re crammed into the front seat of your car.

3. Do things out of order. Most couples fall into a routine. Maybe you guys always kiss, then he goes down on you, then you do missionary, then you get on top. When the progression is so ingrained, it’s natural that you’d both get a little bored. To combat this, make a concerted effort to jump around in your regular repertoire.

4. Have midnight s*x. Sleep is precious, but so are orgasms. Having a dreamy quickie can help shock you out of your routine in a snap.

5. Just make out. Mutual teasing is part of what makes dating someone new so sexy, but that thrill dissipates when you know the other person is pretty much a sure thing. Commit to only making out for a week or so. Push him up against a wall, plant one on him until he’s good and ready, then walk away. Encourage him to pull you onto his lap as you walk by, run his fingers through your hair and kiss you deeply, then stop just when you’re at the height of excitement. Soon enough, you’ll want to rip each other’s clothes off the way you did in the beginning.

6. Give each other massages. When you get used to your partner’s body, you might started taking it for granted and vice versa. Engaging in long, drawn-out massages will help you realize just how amazing the other person’s body is. You’ll both notice all the little things that originally turned you on so much about each other in the first place.

7. Add an element of danger. If you’re both comfortable with it, Fifty Shades of Grey-ifying your life can make you so obsessed with having s*x, it’s hard to get anything else done! Give this advice for adding some kinkiness into your s*x life a spin.

Buhari is the chief promoter of Boko Haram terrorism -Asari Dokubo

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Thousands of youths led by Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, marched the streets of Warri, Delta State, in a show of strong solidarity and support for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s re-election.Under the auspices of the Niger Delta People Salvation Front, NDPSF, Alhaji Dokubo- Asari stated that it shall be gun for gun, bullet for bullet, bomb for bomb should Buhari attempt to cause chaos after losing the election.

He warned that Buhari must never be allowed to get close to power as he is a disaster waiting to happen, adding,

“He is a spent force with a stale mind incapable of leading a multi complex Nigerian State.”

He said he was corrupt and immoral, while his wife had the guts to insult the women of the Niger Delta, especially the good women of Edo State by calling them prostitutes.

Dokubo Asari, insisted that Muhammadu Buhari remained a tyrant and unrepentant dictator who ought to be striped of his military honours as he rose the rank and file by unfair, immoral and corrupt means, having not been qualified.

He called on “all persons of who believe that never again should those who see us all as a conquered people; those who believe that we exist at their pleasure; those who believes our sovereignty must be continually confiscated; and that you and I are mere appendages in the Nigeria union lead us again to kick out Buhari, who is a chief promoter of born to rule and Boko Haram terrorism.”

” Muhammadu Buhari ought to be in jail and not allowed the luxury of contesting an election with sane people. He is the face of deceit,” he said.

He called on all good people of the Nigerian Union to vote for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, who though not perfect, remains the most credible option for moving Nigeria forward and restructuring Nigeria.
He remarked that Good luck Jonathan remains our collective symbol of freedom from predominance.

He later endorsed Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru as his preferred gubernatorial candidate in Delta state.


What The Hell is This? (Photo)

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This is veteran actress Chinyere Wilfred and Angela Okorie.

What scene exactly could they be acting that warrants this?

See How Rough Girl Briana Bette Flaunts Her Stuffs (SEE PHOTOS)

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I just came across this hot babe who is making girls with rich boyfriends mad as they fear they can lose their man to her. She's got assets and she is always available. *wink*!

See more photos below...